Apna Bhada launched affordable Advertising

APNA BHADA finally announced their advertising business module for the brands and advertisers with an innovative idea. The company has launched advertisements on pay per kilometers plan. Pay per kilometer advertising plan is an innovative idea for small brands as well as big brands.

According to Mr. Murtaza Ali (Founder & CEO), APNA BHADA, Company has launched their advertising plan at a very nominal cost and it helps many brands to promote their products directly to the people who are using Apna Bhada Taxi Services. 

This concept is completely new in India and till Now no other Taxi Service companies are using this. According to Murtaza Ali (Founder & CEO, APNA BHADA), This Concept is very clear that Company generates Revenue from advertising segments and the ride Services will be completely free for the customers using APNA BHADA Taxi service. Brands and companies spend huge amounts on advertising on different platforms but they don’t get direct interaction with their audience, this is the biggest challenge for advertisers, APNA BHADA platform is a much better medium than other platforms to advertise or promote brands. Murtaza Ali Explained the whole system, How it works and in the near future what more inventory the company will add so that any company or brand who are using Apna Bhada platform for advertising can get more and more mileage.

Apna Bhada services are available in Goa, Bangalore and Delhi NCR presently, so the advertisers who want cost-effective advertising can try Apna Bhada Advertising Platform, initially company provides special offers to the advertisers at a very low cost so that any startup brand can also use this platform. As we know traditional advertising costing increasing day by day and it’s not so pocket friendly for startups or small companies. APNA BHADA invites all startup or corporate who wants an affordable advertising platform can join APNA BHADA. 

Murtaza Ali has a huge experience in the mobility industry and he has a very sharp vision of the future market of mobility he said we can make transportation free if we put little effort, The present scenario where fuel price getting hikes continuously we need to think over it that how can we provide affordable transportation to common people. After doing several years of Research & analysis APNA BHADA business plan got created in a hope of that common people can enjoy free taxi rides instead of paying a huge amount.

According to Murtaza Ali he faced many troubles and challenges to launch this service but he never loses hope and kept working to continue on his mission to provide free Taxi service for the common people. Free Transportation is now no more a dream you can try Apna Bhada services and see the dream come true.

If any advertisers want to associate with APNA BHADA Company always welcome them and wish a long association on this mission.

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