Aya Hmidi Ayat: The Ace Entrepreneur and Moroccan Driller who makes people go groovy from her music and leave them charmed with her unfathomable beauty

At first instance Aya Hmidi Ayat from Espana seems to be like any other young, sassy model with tattoos over her arms and music in her soul, But in fact Aya Hmidi Ayat aka Aya Ayat is one of those kind souls, who even after getting all the success in life, never drifted away from being a kind and humble soul. This is because she has faced some toughest times when she was young, before getting name and fame. Success wasn’t served on a platter to this extremely talented artist. Presently Aya Hmidi Ayat is one of the top music artists of Espana and an expert Moroccan Driller living in Spain who has opened for big Acts and Names from across the globe.

The word self-made is synonymous with whizz entrepreneur and Driller Aya Hmidi Ayat. “Coming from a humble background life was never easy since childhood”, says Aya Hmidi Ayat. But from a very young age #he was very passionate about music and sounds, so much so that she dedicated her life to it. She was especially interested in digital music and the world of Drill music. “With no Godfathers to support, it was only me against all the odds” says Aya Hmidi Ayat. In the music industry, to survive without any pre-existing support is really tough but as the saying goes – as the going gets tough the tough gets going. Aya Hmidi Ayat never backed down on any obstacles whatsoever and has now made a huge name for herself and her music label.

Entrepreneur Aya Hmidi Ayat started as a Driller and kept working hard to get herself among the established and reputed Drillers. She has a YouTube channel where she has more than 8k followers. Her YouTube only has 3 videos but the views count more than 115k, this is evident of the quality that she brings along with her. Today her songs are available in Spotify, Shazam and even apple music by the name “Aya Ayat”.

To savour the pause Aya Hmidi Ayat has always relied on traveling and with the ever existing popularity on Social Media, she was always viral for her photographs and Vacations. Aya Hmidi Ayat has travelled the world Drilling. She shares clips of her works along with beautiful and visually aesthetic pictures of her charming beauty on her Instagram page. She actually makes her audience go groovy on their feets from her music and groovy on their minds from her exquisite beauty. Aya Hmidi Ayat has more than 41k followers on her Instagram @aya1ayat.

When asked about future endeavours, Aya Ayat says that – “There is still a long road ahead of me and you gotta keep walking. Being still is a sign of lifelessness and that is never an option. I am working on new projects which will be announced on my Instagram soon.” You can follow her on Instagram to be updated on her.

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