BB To Debut In Tollywood Bengal Film Industry With His Three Suspense Thriller With The Popular Faces Of Bengal

BISWAJIT BHUIYA, BB, is a prominent independent film-maker and a self-made Entrepreneur of Agartala, Tripura which is located in the northeastern part of our country.BB was born in Agartala which is a small place indeed in terms of population. Having a keen interest on films from childhood, he always watched a lot of movies as almost of every language. He wanted to make of his own one day. Making a career as a film-maker requires painstaking determination, resilience and vision. It can be a tough road to travel. Especially for BB where there were less resources. Still the young Entrepreneur decided to do that with the purpose of giving a chance to the innumerable artists to showcase their talents and also his love for creating his imaginations in the form of a film. There he started with a small production house called “BB Entertainments” and he opened windows for possibilities for a whole lot.

Started off with a short film based on true events of action and thriller called “Sufi”, BB began his journey with a team of passionate performers. Then he kept on going and going.”Ami Durga” a musical short was the most popular series he had made which reflected women power. In late 2020,he started living his dream with his first-ever featured film called ” Potrobondhu” .Followed by different tastes in films like “Week-End, the revenge continues” which depicts horror and thrilling chills and then ” Dwitiya” which is a sensitive emotional drama. BB has a clear message for the society with every work he does. Creating a revolution in any sphere is never an easy task and knowing the fact also he is trying his best to put the “northeast Bengali film industry” a step forward. With the latest, he is coming with some popular faces of Tollywood Bengali industry in the psychological thrillers “pandu” “3and Half Kandha” and “Paid Promotion” which is going on floor from February 2024.

Director BB is excited to make his baby steps in the Bengali film industry with the popular names sooner in three different taste where he will definitely surprise his audiences.

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