DM the youngest producer

DM (Deepak Yadav) is a hard-working boy who started a record label named Town Beat. His father’s name is Vijay Pal Singh. Deepak Yadav started his carrier in the music industry in 2017. He saw many struggling days & today he achieved a name i.e. DM. Deepak Yadav was born in Rewari on 24th Oct. 1998. Deepak Yadav’s thinking is too much unique that he support fresh artists & writers to show their talent through Town Beat Music Company. He has produced 65+ songs so far. At present Deepak Yadav lives in Rewari with his family.

In minimum time the label crossed 6Million+ listeners. DM (Deepak Yadav) is making a new taste in the Haryanvi music industry through sad songs. DM (Deepak Yadav) started a Video production company also named SKY DP FILM PRODUCTION. Today DM (Deepak Yadav) earns money to support talented & new artists. DM (Deepak Yadav) is a down-to-earth boy who faces every situation with happiness.

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/the.dmofficial/

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/dipak24yadav/

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