Edenz India, Provides advanced marketing techniques for Rural and Local Businesses

Edenz India Tech And Service is an E-commerce Marketing Company who develop eCommerce mobile applications which is more user friendly for rural and professional businesses, educational institutions and employment agencies including retail and travel resources. By Using Cloud computing and Automate Business data using Machine learning for very low cost etc.

Edenz India has concentrated on cloud technology development for rural places for the past 2 years, then developed a common eCommerce marketing template for all professionals and businesses.

The company believes cloud integrated for rural business and services will help to develop a nation as wealthy in technology. It needs the latest technologies like Data Science, IOT, Google cloud or Azure with a 5G network.

e-Commerce Marketing is new techniques of marketing for rural business and services using the latest technology. It uses a Data Work flow mechanism using the latest cloud technology for business data automation for all local business.

e-commerce Marketing grows exponential to Indian market, it took 0.03 % of online market and expect to grow 27% with in 2025.

Edenz India aims to create billion of self employed opportunity in India within 2027. Investment will grow upto 200 % with in 2030.

It helps rural people to easily understand and be able to implement their business and services into cloud technology.

Marketing Techniques includes  e-commerce marketing websites, e-commerce marketing and mobile applications to manage their products, services and sales.

Prasanth Natarajan founder of Edenz India, born from the village name Pavithiram, Namakkal District.

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