“Electric Vehicles will help to transform the automotive industry and decarbonize the planet”, says Akira Kitagawa, Deputy Managing Director, Idemitsu Lube India Pvt Ltd. on World EV Day

The automotive industry in India has seen a rapid change over the last few years and will witness accelerated growth in the next decade. We understand that climate change is one of the most significant challenges of our time and we believe that the Electric Vehicles (EV)would be one of the solutions that will help to transform the automotive industry and decarbonize the planet as well. To integrate EVs, the environment surrounding the automobile is undergoing rapid changes, driven by technological innovation. Idemitsu is actively working by bringing ingenuity into the areas of lubricant engineering backed by technology DNA and accumulated expertise of more than 100 years.

Every stakeholder of Idemitsu globally strongly believes that we are ‘Your Reliable Partner for a Brighter Future’, which also underlines our corporate vision for 2030& paves way for upcoming challenging times. We stand by firmly to fulfill our inherent responsibility to protect environment through carbon-neutral society, support next-gen mobility&provide society with technologically enhanced materials.

Idemitsu proudly positions itself as the pioneer in EV Lubes& Greases and has already collaborated with Global as well as Indian EV OEM’s to contribute & jointly develop best-fit products. Idemitsu’s EV Lubricants are designed to meet a broad range of performance requirements and is engineered to improve the reliability, efficiency and performance for the high-tech powertrains of electrified vehicles effectively and efficiently. Idemitsu’sunique ‘Tailor Made Technology’ product solutions adjusts exclusive candidate formulations to fulfill critical OEM requirements for conceptualized design of EV units, enhancing the output and performance of every lubricated part.

However not only from designing our products to reducing impact on environment, Idemitsu is also taking extreme measures by lowering our overall energy consumption, driving efficiency improvements across our operations & utilizing renewable energy as much as we can.

Lastly, as the proverb goes, ‘The power comes from within’ which not only signifies the driving energy of EV Powertrain contributed by our specialized lubricants but also signifies the infinite potential of our highly motivated and ambitious people who supported each other to harness power to further drive the evolution in the industry.

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