Entrepreneur Mohammad Abdallah aka DJ Moe Abdallah from Amman, Jordan giving hard competition to the Best DJs of Middle East

Almost each and everyone of us today, would be pursuing something or the other with their heart, mind and soul. While chasing our ever wanted goals at least once in a while we reflect on the possibilities of “what could have been” if we had chosen our dreams over the traditional choices that we all chose. Entrepreneur Mohammad Abdallah was also one such day dreamer but what made him an icon was the choice that he took. He chased his dream right away and presently Mohammad Abdallah is popularly known as DJ Moe Abdallah is an Entrepreneur, music producer and an amazing DJ. Unlike most DJ Moe believes that it is the inner calling that matters the most and what brings sound sleep at nights, it is important to not only to understand your calling and take definite actions regarding the same.

DJ Moe kickstarted his music career as a DJ in the year 2010. At a tender age of 17, he began to train his ears on an old set of CDJ 200s. His first project included mashing up 2 hit records, the results were amazing as if the magic of music was unlocked. It is said that DJ Moe could read people through their hearts and vibe along them like an old mate. With these amazing qualities he started to make his way through the local nightlife circuit and held down major residencies in some of Amman’s best venues. These included Giants like Egypt, Dubai and Azerbaijan. He has unconditional love for multi formats of music and has substantial experience of playing them live. His mixing style includes; Open Format (Hip-Hop, R&B, Deep House, Commercial, House, Latino & Arabic). For DJ Moe it is said that he literally “blows the roof of each party”. You can access his on Spotify here.

For any person to enter the music industry is a loathsome task. Initially you have to be very patient and work tirelessly to be heard and seen. Often due to such a tiresome process many talented people turn away and are compelled to sacrifice their passion for music. DJ Moe Abdallah wants to be the support and guide for those young talents and showcase them to the world. He actually personally grooms the newbies. He believes this way he is giving back to society. Resident of Amman in Jordan, DJ Moe Abdallah is very active on Instagram and has more than 32k followers. He actively shares pictures from his personal and professional life on his Instagram and gets a plethora of love and support from his fans.

DJ Moe believes that everyday brings with itself a new opportunity and all you need is to grab that opportunity and work on it till you achieve your dream. If you slog or act lazy the opportunity will be taken by the person who is more passionate than you. It is us who get to decide if we wish to be in the top chasing our dreams or be at the bottom just dreaming about them.

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