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Freemasons of Telangana distribute tools to 30 street vendors, petty, small traders and women doing business from home to re-start their livelihood which they lost due to Pandemic

Hyderabad, Telangana: Freemasons of Telangana distributed on Saturday evening in a brief function held at Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building, tools to 30 street vendors, petty, small traders and women doing business from home to re-start their livelihood which they lost due to Pandemic

It was done for the 6th time in a row. And so far 180 people have benefited. It was done under the initiative ‘Gift-A-Livelihood’, which Freemasons of Telangana embarked on in August last year. Since then six times the distribution of the tools was taken up at different intervals.

The funds required for the initiative are contributed by members and philanthropic individuals. The major portion of today’s distribution was sponsored by Dallas Area Telangana Association and Lodges(clubs).

An initiative of Freemasons of Telangana to support petty traders, street vendors, small businessmen, women restart their business.

Mr Rajeev Khandelwal, Most Worshipful the Grand Master of Grand Lodge of India the head of Freemasonry in India; Mr Anish Kumar Sharma, Grand Master Elect and Right Worshipful the Regional Grand Master, Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India; Mr Madan Mohan Lal, Mr G. Maddulette, Mr D. Ramchandram, the three Assistant Regional Grand Masters graced the function.

The spouses of these guests Mrs Bandana, Mrs Madan Mohan Lal, Mrs Jaya Madduleti, Mrs Kalpana gave away tools to the beneficiaries. The 30 beneficiaries include those who want to set up a Tea-Stall; Bangles Store, stationery Shop, Isthri Shop (pressing clothes), Tailorshop, Tiffin Center etc. They have come from different parts of Telangana.

The notable thing in this round of initiative is that there is a teacher, Mr Srisailam, a private teacher from Warangal who lost his job and now is working as a Shepherd. He wants to set up a Tiffin Centre for which he sought utensils. There are a couple of more teachers, who lost their job and learnt tailoring as an alternative livelihood and want to set stitching centres.

Gifting livelihood makes more sense than feeding. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. With this noble thought, the Gift-A-Livelihood started last year. ‘Gift a Livelihood’ to someone who needs it the most. It helps someone earn a better and more sustainable living. Today we ‘gifted a livelihood’ to a person and persons who we believe are hardworking and motivated but lack the right skills and tools for the job. I am sure they will make use of it. Many beneficiaries in the past who we visited are doing well and making dignified livelihoods. They have been earning a comfortable living and are happy with the kind of work they have been getting.

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