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Ghatak 2.0 Launches Rizzzed: Gaming-Inspired Fashion Brand with Influencer Collaborations

Rizzzed, the first-ever Indian clothing brand inspired by the electrifying world of gaming, is all set to carve the fashion industry into a new graph! Founded by renowned gamer Ghatak (Abhijeet Andhare), Rizzzed offers a unique blend of style and fandom, letting everyone wear their gaming spirit with pride.

More Than Just Clothes: Rizzzed isn’t just about threads but an experience to cherish lifelong. Fashion couture is open to collaborating with everyone’s favourite Marvel, anime, or hip-hop heroes or even creating their own designs – endless possibilities! It is just the beginning of “Ghatak 2.0,” an ecosystem empowering gamers and influencers to become fashion entrepreneurs.

Embody Gamer Characters: Whether the customer is a seasoned pro or a casual player, Rizzzed lets each one express their love for gaming through fashion. Its apparel isn’t just trendy; it’s designed to make them feel like their favourite character come to life!

Meet the Masterminds:

  • Ghatak: A gaming legend is known for his prowess in GodLike, TSM Entity, and ORB, Ghatak brings his passion for gaming and fashion together in Rizzzed.
  • Hrishav Bhattacharjee: The founder of War Mania, India’s first third-party online gaming tournaments, Hrishav now empowers fellow influencers to build their merch empires.
  • Virasat Swami: A visionary leader and investor with a knack for spotting opportunities, Virasat’s guidance paves the way for Rizzzed to evolve the fashion scene.
  • Meet Khira: A seasoned entrepreneur fueled by a love for gaming and fashion, Meet’s adds his expertise in manufacturing and design to the Rizzzed mix.

Get Rizzzed! The movement unleashes the inner gamer through fashion. Exciting collaborations, unique designs, and the launch of its first store with never-before-seen features!

About Rizzzed:

Established in 2024, Rizzzed is a clothing brand that blends the thrilling world of gaming with trendy fashion. The company offers unique collaborations, empowers influencers to create their merch, and provides a platform for gamers to express themselves through style. Get ready to #getrizzzed!

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