HnH Associates Grabs the title for Designing Out Of Box Makeover Studio in Indore

New Delhi: HnH Associates Mr. Upen K Sharma received the title for Designing Out Of Box Makeover Studio in Indore by India’s Leading Survey Company National Book of Achiever’s.

The Record Title of Designing Out of Box Makeover Studio in Indore was presented to Mr. Upen K Sharma after the long survey done by the Editorial Team of National Books, which clearly proofs the concept of Saloon was Out of the Box and Creative. The Category was mentioned under the records of Creativity. National Books of Achievers was given to Mr. Upen on April 17th 2022.

The record will feature in National Books of Achiever Publications wherein the title remains exclusive for each achiever. The title and supporting matter have been framed in accordance with the record writing format after an extensive investigation with meticulous verification of the evidence and book records databases with no scope for discrepancies. The Record will be exclusively showcased on the Website “” along with the application Id, after receiving the Photo and Video of the applicant.

Commenting on receiving the records Mr. Upen K Sharma ( said it was a team effort to design the salon in a manner that it should look creative and out of the box. We as HnH Associates always work on creating different and unique concepts. I would also like to thank National Book Of Achievers for recognizing my effort as well.

About HnH Associates- We are a one-stop destination for all your interiors needs. As a company, we have been providing unique and innovative design solutions to our customers in the last 10 years, that are ready to go and completely customizable. From residential upgrades like modular kitchens, bedrooms, pooja rooms etc to elevating commercial spaces like office board rooms, receptions, shops… you name it, we do it!

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