In an Interview with Mr. Sambhav Jain, Founder and Director of 1xSportz


1. How does UPKL plan to identify and nurture young Kabaddi talent within Uttar Pradesh?

UPKL identifies and nurtures young kabaddi talent through regional scouting camps and school-level tournaments designed to find promising players. The league provides these players with professional coaching, health and fitness support, and competitive exposure, ensuring a holistic development path that prepares them for higher levels of play.

2. Could you elaborate on UPKL’s strategy to attract sponsors and investors to ensure financial sustainability and improved resources for players?

UPKL’s strategy to attract sponsors and investors includes showcasing the league’s regional impact and audience engagement through media coverage and live events. By demonstrating strong brand visibility and community involvement, UPKL aims to attract partnerships with brands interested in promoting sports and regional development, ensuring financial stability and better resources for players.

3. What role do international players play in UPKL’s vision, and how does their inclusion benefit both local talent and the league as a whole?

International players bring global techniques and high standards of play, which elevate the league’s competitiveness. Their presence fosters mentorship and exposes local players to different styles, enhancing skill levels across the league. This integration also boosts the league’s international appeal, attracting a wider audience and potential international sponsorships.

4. How does UPKL aim to solidify its reputation as a premier Kabaddi league, and what steps are being taken to contribute to the growth and popularity of the sport?

UPKL aims to solidify its reputation by consistently delivering high-quality matches and maintaining strong governance and organisational standards. Efforts include engaging with national sports networks for broader coverage, enhancing player welfare programs, and hosting inter-league tournaments that contribute to the sport’s popularity and recognition.

5. Could you explain the Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association’s key responsibilities in promoting and developing Kabaddi in the state, particularly regarding the organisation of tournaments and support for young athletes?

The Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association’s responsibilities include organising district and state-level tournaments to promote kabaddi, supporting training programs for coaches and referees, and providing logistical and financial support to teams and athletes. This comprehensive support system helps sustain and grow kabaddi as a mainstream sport in the state.

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