Ishan Solanki, A generic singer and technophile

Only a few people follow their passion enough to make an indelible mark on the world.

One such is the singing sensation Ishan Solanki.He followed his passion and today he archives his success in music industry and business.

Ishan, who born on 27th April, 2006 in Dahod city of Gujarat. He was the son of a Doctor Jaydeep Solanki and pharmacist Payal Solanki. Inspiration for today’s generation of such a person who performs singing and have a great combination of modern technology is unique among all people.

At the age of 12,Ishan started a YouTube channel named ‘Ishan Solanki and performs singing on social media’.Soon one of his song “Feel Love” touched the heart of millions of people. It helps him making his debut in the Music Industry. After that an unstoppable hard work made him today a successful person.

Inspite of singing, he was a also a successful businessman. He owned a company named “IS.SL INNOVATIVES” which provides textile products and performs digital marketing. He has visited more than 9 countries of the world and also owns 3 expensive Rolex watches and a Ferrari 458 too.

An unexpected talent of Ishan,he has done many artificial intelligence courses and his growth in graphics of technology has also shone.He also performed many songs on the state of love, passion, and emotion.

Asking why the name IS.SL only and Ishan reply, “IS.SL names. IS is Ishan Solanki, but the SL is a big secret. Sources predicted it to be a form of Rays and loyal.

We hope Ishan continues his hard work and fulfils all his dreams.

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