Journey of Bibek Ranjan Sarkar, 21 year old Lifestyle influencer from Kharagpur

Bibek Ranjan Sarkar, 21 years old is a college student, but what makes him special is his technical knowledge particularly related to social media and blogging.

His passion has made him one of the most successful lifestyle influencer in West Bengal.

His Instagram account igbibekrj has a decent number of followers users because of non biased and detailed reviews of the brands that he reviews.

Bibek Ranjan Sarkar belongs to a middle-class family from Kharagpur, West Bengal. He was an average student with a curious brain. He always wanted to know about the trends of Social Media.

Like any other average boy, he was doing his education and was following his passion for photography. During the Shoots, he got to meet many social media influencers and how to make it a successful profession. He started following what he had learnt over years and became proficient in it.

Bibek says “I researched thoroughly about how to grow on social media and target right and good followers, After working for a year on his accounts when he felt confident he started accepting collabs from brands.

He has worked with many big names like Trell, The man company, Beardo, Wildstone, Big Bazaar to name a few.

He also is one of the few people who is always ready to help people in his niche and believes that one can learn better when the knowledge is shared.

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