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Interior design and execution firm Khaka Interior Design Private Limited offers a full range of services. Coined by Komal Bisht in June 2011, Khaka allows you to design the spaces of your dreams and have them come true. That includes all areas of your dream spaces that call for the magic touch of Khaka style and luxury. Such exceptional interiors are created with the client’s oh! moment in mind while also taking into account Vastu principles and modern design. Khaka Interior Design Private Limited offers full interior services as well as interior service segments like 2D design, walkthrough creation, or straightforward home improvement services.

You might not think that interior design has made a huge difference in your life, but the truth is that it has likely been a factor in millions of situations in your everyday life. From an especially gracious dinner at a friend’s house to a store that you love to shop at time and time again, interior design has the power to make spaces more compelling and to amplify your experiences in them. In addition to being the best in town, the services offered by Khaka Interior Design Private Limited are also reasonably priced. To learn more about the variety of services offered by Khaka Interiors, contact them right away!

The visionary founder Komal Bisht has an eminent name in the design industry and has been spreading creativity and knowledge of interior design on different platforms. With a strong sense of imagination and a knack for creating something better triggered her to coin Khaka Interior Design Pvt Ltd. She has done BSc in Interior design and MBA from Mumbai. Before establishing her own Company in 2011 she has worked with several firms in Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Lucknow. Today’s best-known designer Komal Bisht took a variety of roads to the top capitalizing on her success with a worldwide expansion.

Founder Komal Bisht adds “Following client consultation, the 2D designs are discussed and accepted. A 3D visualization of such 2D designs is then created. To give clients a realistic impression of the space, Immaculate Walkthroughs are produced using cutting-edge technology. Even before entering, you can visualize your house”

Komal Bisht has always been passionate about designing spaces with specialized furniture, top-tier modular kitchens, and wardrobes that are lavish, contemporary, stylish, elegant, and functional in every way.

No doubt the interior designing industry is ever-growing. However, a decade ago, an interior designer was accessible by the rich while the remaining population could just rely on either magazines or catalogs. However, over the years Komal Bisht and her entire team of Professional designers acted as a bridge to fill this gap with a myriad of services and consumption making interior design accessible to all the people with the latest development, best-in-class, and appropriately efficient designs to suit the requirement just perfectly.

The Best Interior Design and Execution Partner, Khaka Interiors, creates designs that are logical and consider what you say and want. Their partners include various big4 firms like Philips, Schneider and various others. Even the subtler details that you consider but cannot express are not overlooked. You can easily design and execute with Khaka Interiors. Visit them today to learn more about their services!

Komal’s Signature designs make her stand apart from the crowd. She says “The living spaces whether at our homes or the places we work have to be full of positive energy. Our designs and Vastu embedded suggestions help channelize the positive energy and make the spaces invigorating heaven on earth. We are an all-women company with a team of 10 professional interior designers and 100-plus staff. We also have architects and Vastu experts who have been handling a variety of projects across India at various locations including Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, and Jaipur. Not just in India, we also have international exposure of Designing and Execution of projects at various locations such as Auckland (New Zealand) and Amsterdam (Netherlands)”

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