Laundry Redefined: Ariel Pods Launched In India

Ariel, one of the leading detergent brands from the house of P&G, is driving innovation in the country. P&G India is pioneering the creation of a new segment within the Laundry category, by introducing a revolutionary of laundry product, sold in single-use tablets called PODs.In many countries around the world, Laundry PODs are already popular as the most convenient way of doing laundry. Ariel 3in1 PODs, launched in India very recently, are pre-dosed washing capsules, filled with concentrate liquid detergent. Ariel 3in1 PODs are 3-chambered PODs providing the consumers with a 3in1 HD Clean benefit – cleaning, stain removal and brightness.

Ariel Pods Launched In India

Powerful things come in small packages. Ariel PODs are innovatively designed, with a water-soluble film holding concentrated liquid detergent in 3 chambers. When a POD is placed into a washing machine, the film dissolves completely in wash, leaving no residue. The 3 compartments work together to provide a brilliant laundry experience to the user, with impeccable cleaning, tough stain removal, and brilliant brightness that makes whites brighter and colours more vibrant. Ariel Matic 3in1 PODs are suitable for both Top and Front LoadFully Automatic washing machines.  Ariel is also the detergent recommended by most washing machine manufacturers globally.

Laundry Redefined: Ariel Pods Launched In India

Ariel PODs are perfect for a busy household, or someone seeking simplified laundry because it is very easy to store, dose and use PODs. Because of the 3in1 benefit, there is no need to use other products along with this. For most loads, 1 wash needs just 1 POD. Since the capsules are pre-dosed, there is no need for messy measuring or accuracy. The POD doesn’t need to be cut or peeled; it can be placed into the machine as is before putting the clothes. With the extremely simplified laundry process, anyone can get impeccable laundry results with Ariel PODs. The tub has a unique child-lock lid, that makes the product safe from accidental exposure to kids. Like any detergent, it is recommended to store the pack out of reach of children.

Laundry Redefined: Ariel Pods Launched In India

Speaking about the launch of the new Ariel PODs, Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India and Vice President, Fabric Care said, “Ariel POD’s is our latest laundry innovation globally and were developed by P&G after years and years of research and development. It promises to transform your laundry experience from being a mundane, time-consuming and complicated task, to one which is fun and convenient. With Ariel PODs you no longer need to tediously measure and dose multiple products or worry about getting perfect laundry results in a washing machine. Just pop a POD in your machine to get an outstanding HD clean every time. It is perfection simplified. Once you try it, you will never go back.”

Laundry Redefined: Ariel Pods Launched In India

Celebrated Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, who also Ariel’s Brand Ambassador, added, “I am elated that Ariel PODs has now made its much-awaited debut in India. Just like cooking is an experience, even laundry with Ariel PODs can be a unique experience. So much fun!! And continuing to give you Ariel’s superior performance. As we know Ariel is the #1 brand recommended by most washing machine makers globally, PODs are designed to work in both top and front load machines. So, I am going to upgrade to this small and powerful laundry solution – Ariel 3in1 POD. Do you POD?”

Ariel PODs are available at select stores and eCommerce websites starting Nov 1. They are going to be available in 2 sizes – 18 and 32 count packs. The 18-count pack is priced at Rs. 432 and the 32-count pack is for Rs. 704. The launch is going be supported with a digitally-led campaign to create awareness about PODs now being available in India.

Pic credit: Ariel

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