Meet Matt West the wellness tech entrepreneur focused on destigmatizing mental health

Have you ever been curious about why we do what we do?

Matt West, a wellness tech entrepreneur from Los Angeles, was so curious about the answer to this question that it became a reason for him to make a company in the mental wellness space- Boom Journal.

Entrepreneur Matt West is an American psychologist, podcaster, and founder at Boom Journal, a digital wellness company that provides guided mindful journaling training and mindfulness for its users. At the present the aftermath of COVID-19 it is such that every single person is actively investing his time on his health and fitness. Wellness tech entrepreneur Matt West has been helping people achieve emotional wealth and freedom. Being passionate about emotional and mental fitness, Matt West has been interested in mental wellness and the power of the brain since 11th grade of high school. Let us look at how Boom Journal was born.

The story goes back to the year 2000 when Matt was all excited about playing in the upcoming soccer season as a junior in high school. Unfortunately on the night before tryouts, he had a sharp pain in his knee. In order to push harder, he ignored the pain and went on to practice. The decision backfired and Matt was subsequently diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease (OSD), and was forced to sit out the remainder of the season. In hindsight, it was a blessing because it resulted in seeking a new passion, mindfulness.

It was this incident of his high school life when Matt got interested in psychology. He was also inspired by his Psychology Teacher, Mr. Prince who led him down a path of wanting to understand why people do what they do, what really drives people to take action. On his journey, Matt West became a high achiever, and from that moment on, excelled in sports, in school, and by the time Matt West was twenty-four years old, he obtained two masters in psychology from Pepperdine University and Cal State Northridge.

All was well until the age 35 when he started reflecting more on what he was doing in his life. He fell into a 9-5 corporate job, married at 30, father at 31, failed at starting a company called subscriptions, and was coasting along through life. There was always an underlying voice nagging, “You should be doing something more. Something better. Something different.” But then he would become distracted by the illusion of social media and forget all about just being his authentic self. There was nothing intentional about the way he was spending his time and energy. And those things added up to an unproductive, unhappy life, and feeling the effects of burnout. All his attempts to take control of his life went in waste to the hands of distractions and loss of focus.

It was through mindfulness journaling, he started to slowly notice shifts in his thoughts and how he responded to the challenges he faced in life. It was like he started to rediscover who he really was. It took him months to finally figure out how to build emotional habits. Figuring out how motivation works, how to build emotional habits, how to set a night and morning routine, stop procrastinating, and take action towards his vision, the steps seemed endless. After months of reading and reiterating, Matt West finally started to notice the benefits of developing healthy emotional habits. That moment was the beginning of everything. It led Matt West to build a well-being tech-focused startup called Boom and the Brain Boom Podcast.

Boom Podcast aims to inspire people through stories told through the eyes of individuals who understand what it takes to apply the principles of a life worth living. Boom is a mental health app that empowers individuals to live a fuller life. Matt West is known for absolutely amazing transformational results. “I know it is hard for people to take action and it may be even harder to stay committed. I am aware of this challenge and I am dedicated to helping people get the motivation to start and stay committed. I have been where they are now, and I have walked the path myself. It is possible despite how difficult it may seem, and I want to empower others to overcome their fears and worry. Yes it’s sometimes scary to start so we give excuses, it may be challenging to continue so we quit but the results are always worth it.” Shares wellness tech entrepreneur Matt West.

With Boom Podcast Entrepreneur Matt West’s mission is to empower millennials to feel inspired, energized, and joyful. In the Boom podcast, he talks about Mindful Productivity, Healthy Mind, Purposeful Creativity, Giving and Growing, Better Thinking, Mindful Journaling, Mindful Motivation, Self-discipline and Self-care.

With the aim to help you feel empowered, Entrepreneur Matt West asks everyone to live freely and authentically, thrive in your relationships with yourself and others, and uncover meaningful work in your life and business. To get in touch with this ace Entrepreneur you can visit his website at You can also follow him on his Instagram at

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