Meet the Asian Crypto Adept

“Learning how the blockchain & crypto industry works is like learning a new language,” Olawale Daniel once said learning a new thing. It’s quite difficult at first, but once it clicks, it’ll be with you for the rest of your life. Today, let’s meet the man who lives by these words and has recently become a well-known crypto person in Asia.

Mr. Murali G (Muli), a 28-year-old businessman, has left a mark in the crypto space in a very short period of time with hard work and enthusiasm of doing something great in life. Before Muli got his foot in the door of blockchain, he worked on operations, marketing and business development in a number of tech giants in China, including NetEase (YouDao), a conglomerate of online services and Kuaishou, the major competitor of TikTok in Asia.

At the start of 2022, Muli was promoted to Head of Overseas Business at Bibox, the first AI-powered cryptocurrency exchange in the world trusted by more than 10 million users from 160+ countries worldwide for 5 years now. Muli is leading the company’s marketing, branding, business development, partnership and operations teams across south Asian and south-east Asia, including Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India, his homeland.

“With India taxing cryptocurrency and introducing central bank digital currency in the Budget Presentation recently, I see this as an unprecedented opportunity for Bibox to strengthen our foundation in the Indian market,” said Muli in the interview with Techkaro India. ‘The Bibox Indian team has been burning the midnight oil to bring alive a set of localized and brand-new features, and promising project tokens for the local users, on top of expanding the team size and building new partnerships with top-tier crypto VC firms.’

According to an industry report released earlier this year, India has 15-20 million cryptocurrency investors and traders, with total crypto assets valued at approximately 400 billion rupees ($5.33 billion). These figures are growing day by day.

The report also found out that compared to traders in other markets, Indian traders prefer easy-to-use yet powerful tools and products such as bot trading, copy trading and staking. Muli said Bibox is a one-stop solution to cater for Indian users. ‘Meanwhile, we are accelerating our expansion to all the other Asian countries and believe that Bibox will be the go-to exchange soon in local traders’ day-to-day trading.’

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