Melo Tunes Released “Choitro Aboshane” by Madhumita Saha

The path an artist walks through may not be smooth but something is there that keep their evergreen nature alive. Madhumita Saha is one such Artist who started her career as a school teacher. She got married to Musical Exponent Swapan Saha in the year 1988. She pursued her career as a Critic for years while her family life kept her equally busy. She earned fame being a lyricist and elocutionist. Madhumita Saha’s poetry “Choitro Aboshane” was recently released by Melo Tunes records. Madhumita recited the poetry herself.

“Choitro Aboshane” is a melancholic poetry that got beautified as the poetess beautifully recited the poem. The background music has been designed by Saha’s daughter Soumita Saha, who is a singer and composer of international fame. About her latest Release Madhumita Saha said ” It was really one of the best experience to have recorded my own poem. I have so far recited poetry by Tagore and various poets . This altogether is a new experience for me.”

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