Mohammed Al Hasoon Alias NMR Hasoon: Multipotentialite Entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia

“Life is a combination of good things and bad. The bad things teach you how to live life and the good things teach you how to embrace life. Setbacks are something that are bound to happen but what happens after is a matter of your choice” shares Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Hasoon.

Mohammed Al Hasoon commonly called NMR Hasoon is a Maverick Entrepreneur and content manager from Soudi Arabia. A Multipotentialite based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al Hasoon is an intellectual person with an attractive personality. He is an expert who deals with social media marketing, making content and developing websites. He has more than 517k followers on his Instagram where he shares short and entertaining reels. Mohammed is Techie, who has vast information about social media, marketing, controlling and producing. With all these fine qualities he has held a position of general manager of various companies where he was vested with the responsibility to execute the strategy of marketing, and advertising, not just on social media but also on Television.

Born in Dammam he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd University in Al-Khobar, and certificates in media from Fox Media Academy in Dubai in 2018. Genius of presenting and editing news bulletins, television directing, as well as photography since the beginning of 2005, He also owned a photography studio, which was considered one of the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Thereafter he shifted his focus on creating a company specialized in building commercial identities and managing social.

Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Hasoon is a master of professional skills such as Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Talent Management, Analytical Thinking, Presentation Skill, Content Creator, Social Media influencer managing with around 1M followers Live streaming. He has a rich work profile where he has experience of holding various position of responsibility as Relationship Manager (Arab National Bank, 2014-2016); Social Media Manager (Bllor Marketing Agency, 2016-2017); General Manager (Nufudh Co., 2018 -2020) and recently as Head of Content (LUXURYKSA, 2021).

Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Hasoon is a self built maestro businessman, he did not have all this luxury from the start.  Success wasn’t served to him on a platter. Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Hasoon is a believer of hardwork and positive mindset, he claims that if you can dream it you can achieve it. As a message to the young hustlers Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Hasoon says- “Be yourself, identify your dreams and keep working for it until you achieve it. Hard work and consistency is the key to achieve any dream in the world, however impossible it may seem.”

Entrepreneur Mohammed Al Hasoon believes that each and everyone of us has at least one such quality which can make all our dreams come true. It is for us to identify that skill and sharpen it so as to get the most out of our lives. There are and there will always be criticism and we will have to work on ‘how to face criticism’ and not on ‘how to remove criticism’. If you as a person cannot take criticism then it is something you should worry about because no one is perfect and goodness is in taking feedback positively rather than just being adamant.

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