News Correspondent, Sneha Nair covers “Best Franchiser Award” story for the year 2022

The crowd at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi broke into a generous uproad of applause and supportive cheer as Chicago Pizza Founder and CEO Vishal Kapur took home the award for “The Best Franchiser 2022”.

With its headquarters in Delhi, Chicago Pizza first started off in 2008 and since, is successfully running a chain of franchises across more than a hundred locations in India today. This feat proves to be a proud achievement for employees and loyal customers alike.

Known for its delicious toppings, a recent survey shows that a large chunk of the pizza loving market base gives a thumbs up to Chicago Pizza as a favored preference in terms of service, quality and taste.

Sheetal, one of the customers was reported saying, “The Pizzeria offers a wide variety of toppings and sauces and boasts of a customisation feature that allows customers to pick out their desirable combinations, thus adding a generous touch of personalisation and unique individuality.” The Pizzeria also offers a ‘do it yourself’ kit with sauces and toppings of choice for customers who wish to bake their own pizza.

Supported by the Indian Small Business & Franchise Association, the Board for Excellence in Franchising and Business Development which is India’s topmost Honor in Franchising is currently in its 18th edition. This process requires brands to send in their nominations a fortnight prior which then pulls through the shortlisting and judging procedure. The Board this year spanned across a number of eminent names before calculating a positive result in favor of Chicago Pizza.

News Correspondent, Sneha Nair covers Best Franchiser Award story for the year 2022

Vishal Kapur was seen beaming as cameras flashed, capturing his moment of pride with the close support of his vastly spread staff and customers. When asked for a comment, Vishal shared an insight into his planning. He says, “The locations that were selected for each franchise unit was a very strategic calculation while factoring in various aspects of each location in terms of expected footfall, potential sales, positive turnovers and thus growth of the brand. For the foreseeable future, we intend to continue expanding and setting up bases across the entire country. We wish to approach our customers through advertising campaigns and thus build on our Chicago Pizza family.”

Chicago Pizza is keen to revolutionize pizza dining and delivery through its business models and looks forward to capturing further ground. The next edition of this award is expected to be dated around 23rd August 2023.

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