Paradigm for women- RJ Aisha setting trends and benchmarks

There is a proverb ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ but I would say in today’s time it solely lies in the person. In today’s era where people have moved to botox from haldi-chandan and where beauty has evolved from natural beauty to no makeup makeup-look , some women are still the queens of natural beauty.

It is glad to see or hear women still emphasizing on maintaining natural beauty and it’s even more flattering when bloggers do it. Bloggers who have a pressure to be continuously well maintained as they have to be regularly on camera they do it gracefully and set an example to the world. One of the most appreciated example for Beauty with brains is This RJ turned Influencer Ayasha Fatma who is mostly recognised as bellusnstyle on Instagram but her fans love to call her by the name RJ Aisha.

Her choice of outfits and way of carrying them has proved that she can be Madhubala and Katrina both and carry each style with grace and compassion. She can make any style laudable with her charisma whether it is her Eid look or the airport look she exactly knows how to do it the right way.

It is very rare to find a deadly combination of a beautiful face and extraordinary brain added up with a good sense of fashion and beauty. RJ Aisha is a perfect living example of beauty with brains, not only does she have charming and attractive features but is also studying Law.

When I see her beautiful face few lines comes in my mind-

She can spread love through her eyes,

Once you see her pulchritude you will be awestruck and no more wise, Innocence of her face is always being praised,

Her charming smile is enough for heartbeats to get raised.

Not only her appearance but also her mental strength makes her so attractive. She is pursuing LL.B. from Integral University Lucknow. She is a symbol of beauty and brains. Intelligence and beauty are synonyms of RJ Aisha.

She has proved that women can balance multiple tasks at a time well. She is content creator, law student, promotional manager(PR), anchor and RJ all at the same time. What an admiring personality she is! Isn’t it! She has also won many awards in her career and was recently awarded as the youngest TV host on ETV.

She also showcases her PR skills by working with well-known brands like Lakmé, Prestige, Ustraa, Loreal and many more. She possesses all admirable attributes like talent of entertaining, natural beauty, management skills, mental strength, etc. She is a certified Radio Jockey and has worked with well-known radio stations like Radio Mirchi, AIR Fm etc. and has also worked for Radio Udaan which is a web radio that works towards Changing Attitudes towards Disability. She is also known for her performance as a T.V show host in ApkiSaheli which aired on ETV, and has hosted various shows on Doordarshan as well. She also speaks many different languages fluently.

RJ Aisha is an example for all people out there, striving to be multitasking personalities and also emerging as a successor in those fields. Her way of utilising time and her energy can motivate youth of the nation who are willing to accomplish multiple goals at a time but lack sense of management has shown the world that you can earn and learn both at the same time. If ever her statue will be made it should be like she wearing a fancy designer dress with her beautiful smile, holding torts and contract books in one hand and checking her bank balance with the other.

She definitely sets an example that women can do anything they set their minds on Coupled with their hard work and perseverance.

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