Positive Mindset and Career Growth – Life Coach ‘Himanshu Gaur’

Are we in a simulation, as many conspiracy theorists suggest? Why is that a simple thing like Positive Mindset is widely popular? We had a quick chat with our favourite network marketing expert and life coach, Mr Himanshu Gaur, to expand our knowledge and gain a better perspective.

Why do you think people lost track of positivity?

Sadly, we are in a society where negativity is easier to spread and quicker to reach people. At present times a typical day starts with adverse news flooding the internet and social media. We switch on our televisions where the most negative news gets the spotlight. It is not surprising that channels showcasing content like CID, Crime Patrol, Bigg Boss bring in more TRP than Astha. Once, an interviewer asked Mr Subhash Chandra, founder of Zee News, why he telecasts negativity? He smiled and answered that he would stop telecasting when people would stop watching. Now, did that answer your question? We are the ones who attracted negativity and lost track of our positivity in the process.

What is the one thing we can do to improve our career paths?

We all must remember one thing “Negative minds do not produce positive results” We get what we do and do what we see. A positive Mindset is a primary factor we need to outgrow our past and achieve big in our career paths.

We attract what we think about a lot. So pay attention to your thoughts. If you are prone to think negative thoughts, then you might attract negativity.

Where should we start?

Do you like BEARs? If you don’t, then it’s time to start admiring this animal.

BEAR system for success: 

B- Believe 

E- Energy 

A- Action 

R – Results 

Start by B-believing in yourself as belief gives you the E-energy that you need to take A-action, which can push you towards achieving better R-results.

YES, most things start with a positive mindset. 

How much do you think negative thinking can affect us?

Let me share a shortcut for achieving big in life, which helped me on a personal level. “Hope for the BEST and prepare for the WORST.”

Long ago, scientists performed an interesting experiment on a man who was sentenced to death. He was tied up to the chair with eyes closed. Then they informed him that a venomous snake is gonna bite him so they can use it to identify how long it takes for a human to die following a snake bite. The scientists then pricked him with a regular sterile needle. The man did die within few minutes after the needle prick.

No one initially understood how that is even possible. Later they realised our mind is more powerful than we think. Even a needle prick can kill you if you believe so. A negative mindset needs no external forces: it can destroy us from within. Change your environment and adopt a positive mindset to lead a successful life.

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