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Leaders emerge from the rashes despite of threatening shocks of environmental factors! The lockdown period was the eye opener for many to find the best opportunity or dive into the worst situation snatching many lives. Kolkata, West Bengal, the land of Durga bounces with the extreme imagination of a mother and a daughter that just pops up via the mere drawing-room casual discussion.

It was the special moment of 15th November 2021, when women empowerment got united within the family to give rise to “Spirit Of India”, a family business. The business by a mother (Sibani Ghosh as founder) of 69 and a daughter (Sushita Patra as a co-founder) of 47 supported by the core hearted effort of son/brother. He always grew the dream into his eyes to see both the ladies entering and marking their presence in the corporate world dominantly with their earned skills.

While you are working with someone your own either the family members or the team, the stress aura vanishes with the bright ideas blast. When the family hand is patting the back, the spirit goes high with the blessed partnership of the graceful relationship.

Spirit Of India has played a very big role to let people meet their Indian desire for attractive jewels without compromising on designs with a pocket-friendly approach. The purity of the truth made in India products at the multi-brand marketplace platform trigger shoppers to find the touch of warmth and love instantly. Authentic designs by the skilled artisans of India are appreciated all over the world.

The exotic range of products made the reach to feel the awesome culture, deep routed in the amazing products that represent the glory and calmness of India. The SOI (story of incredible India) is expressed by worthy handpicked and home grown lifestyle products.

Each product via the gateways of Spirit Of India is built with the utmost care and skills by the native artisanal community from where they are sourced. They are still in the process of a foundation that can transform lives with the bypass the middlemen and providing money directly into the hands of extremely talented artisans.

The journey started with the idea to find an easier way to bring unique products that represent the true essence of India to the hands of everyone. By gathering the artisanal community at large through a unified platform, we hope to bring these heritage products from different regions of India, right to your doorstep/and share them with the world.

Turning artisans into regular breadwinners not only builds self-esteem but polishes their skills and allow them to sustain what is passed down through centuries.

The team has the mission to team up with our seldom celebrated artisans to bring you souvenirs synonymous with the storied heritage of India. In doing so, we endeavor to reinvigorate the Indian spirit by presenting a curated collection of artfully crafted artifacts to the masses while giving back to the craftsman that makes this possible.

You can get in touch by reaching at  BG Block, Sector – II, Salt Lake, Bidhannagar, Sech Bhawan, Kolkata – 700091, West Bengal, Phone Nos: 8390903005 / 81001 53714 or via the social media platforms: or

Or email at,

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