The Memorable Moment – Piyali Toshniwal’s Apperance

Piyali Toshniwal, a perfect blend of beauty and brains recently was invited to an event as a chief guest. It’s a great pleasure on behalf of the Organizer to call noble personality like her at an event to make it more memorable. The event was a dance festival for students of Mudra Academy. Mudra, being one of the biggest dance schools in Kalyan/Dombivali has 5 branches in India and 2 in Canada, celebrated the event on a grand scale.

Piyali is a highly respected figure in society and is well known for her accomplishments and achievements in field of Bharatnatyam. Being a professional dancer and Bharatnatyam dancer all her life, she was more than honoured to contribute to the academy. The inauguration of ceremony by lighting the candle was done with the hands of her. In life, it’s vital to hear when successful people are speaking. It allows an individual to form connections, influence decisions and motivate changes. When we are knocked by an opportunity to hear people like Piyali Toshniwal talk and share her life experiences with us, we get the essence of success and the understanding of where we lack. In her speech, she addressed a few crucial problems faced by the society. The hall was at its capacity of 100-

200 people approximately. The audience gave all their ears to the speech. Piyali, being a trained dancer for more than two decades now, mentioned that bharatnatyam is the soul of dance culture of the country. It was a proud moment for all of us as Indians, since the culture is getting recognized on an international level by Mudra Dance Academy. Women Empowerment was also the talk of the table. Being an women entrepreneur and working in the industry for a long time now, she knows that true essence of women lies in her multitasking abilities which is indeed mastered by her. Her journey of 3 years of Pageant grooming was inspiring to everyone in the room. The audience was quite impressed by her life journey of how she evolved herself as a woman. An influential personality definitely makes a difference anywhere she goes. The dance performances were appreciated and the day ended with pot full of memories.

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