Univest collaborates with Pratik Gandhi to conquer retail investor challenges

New Delhi:  Univest, a fintech startup, is a one-stop solution for all investment problems has on-boarded Pratik Gandhi (‘Harshad Mehta’ fame star). Since launching its app just three months ago, they already have 100,000+ users and one of the best user retention rates in the wealth management industry (according to Global MMP standard, Appsflyer). The new campaign talks about how Univest is a comprehensive investment solution for all types of investors. 

Through its campaign, Univest aims to show that investing can be simple and highly lucrative with the right tools like timely exit signals generated from advanced AI algorithms, premium screeners, trade ideas from SEBI RIAs and a lot more. The campaign will be featured on all digital platforms. (

In the ad, Pratik Gandhi and his alter ego discuss the difficulties of stock market investing where the market’s volatility and the lack of time to research about stocks can be intimidating for those who want to invest. Univest aims to address these issues with its app, which provides various solutions to investment challenges. The ad conveys that with Univest, you can become your own investing expert and earn higher returns on investment without dedicating a lot of time to it and also diversify your investments with fixed returns plans. All investment needs are now met at Univest. 

Pranit Arora, Avneet Dhamija, and Vikash Agrawal, a dynamic Univest trio commented, “The campaign’s narrative effectively communicates these key aspects of our platform in a simple and impactful way, and we believe it will resonate well with our target audience. We want to solve the investment problems by maximising their returns and achieving financial success by providing them with one single platform.”

Pratik Gandhi, who is a regular user of the Univest app, said, “As an investor in the stock market, I understand the importance of having a trusted and reliable platform for my investment decisions. Whether I’m looking to buy or sell a stock, or just stay informed about market movements, the Univest app has everything I need. I have confidence that Univest will be a valuable asset for any investor, so I decided to collaborate with them digitally.”

Univest helps identify high-yield investment opportunities and get investment ideas based on your investment style. They have experienced impressive growth and quickly gained traction among users. Within no time, they have on-boarded 20k plus investors with portfolios worth 175 cr+ relying on their stock trends. The team’s expertise, dedication and backing by some of the prolific angel investors have contributed to the platform’s growth and they look forward to making a positive impact on even more investors’ journeys with this collaboration.

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