Vandaru Village, Udupi Sathish J Shetty Received Doctorate and Indian Trade Award For excellence in digital marketing

Being an entrepreneur is not just a matter of choice but it’s a lifestyle that you live while chasing the lifestyle that you dream of.

The entire world just claws to prove itself and waits for the perfect opportunity to do so, but then some make such opportunities at any given time rather than just waiting or looking for them.

Sathish J Shetty is a living example of achieving gigantic at such a young age. He is a young and undoubtedly one of the most successful digital marketers in Asia. He lost his father when he was in 10th standard, coming from a lower-middle-class family he always wanted to become very successful but having few resources was very difficult. Well, this will surely amaze how a village entrepreneur sitting in a village acquires international projects sitting in a home without knowing proper English turned out to be one of the most successful business identities that too at such a young age & short span.

Sathish is son of late Jayaram Shetty, Vandar Kelamane & Kusuma Shetty, Kudal Nadumane.Studied in Government High School Avarse and SDPT PU College Mandarthi, Udupi. Then moved to Bangalore in search of a job to take care of his family.

Mr.Shetty has returned from Bangalore to his native hometown of Vandaru in Udupi with an outdated laptop and no network and established his office near the hometown due to the common devastation Covid has caused. After resigning and seeking to create a steady business, it had taken its toll on him. Failure is unavoidable but after four straight failures, Mr. Shetty discovered his anchor. He embarked on a quest to gain deeper knowledge, develop a brand, and scale his firm in the field of digital marketing. He titled it Inspire after the names of his parents (Jk Inspire), who were his primary sources of inspiration. But, with no good projects and a lot of hardship, he persisted. His spirits were high. Even if he was able to get several jobs worth working on, the drama of the battle remained owing to a lack of delivery outcomes.

So all in all, while dealing with four business failures, he spent his spare time studying business growth through digital marketing. Then he realized had great potential to make numerous enterprises profitable. Because his father and mother’s first names are highly inspirational, he decided to preserve the name Jk Inspire. Received accolades, taught thousands of individuals, and provided work chances to more than ten people in the hometown.

With an old laptop and a lot of persistence, the JK Inspires organization has acquired and produced over 40 projects in INDIA, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia in the field of Digital Advertising and Marketing. Jk Inspire was formed after four previous companies failed. Jk Inspire gets and completes projects all around the world via hard work and devotion, gaining accolades and recognition.

Because of the tremendous influence of CEO Shetty’s hard work and the success of the company, many more individuals began to join him. They were given sufficient training before being hired. JK Inspire got an Indian trade award for excellence in digital marketing services from the Asian Arab trade chamber of commerce, as well as was featured on a variety of platforms. Mr. Shetty, in addition to being the CEO of Jk Inspire, has mentored over 1000 individuals. Jk inspire has won several awards in the fields of media and advertising. Mr. Shetty has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from B.V University, for his experience and the highest level of performance in digital marketing services in Asia. And also started Jk Inspire Gurukul to train & coach people about leadership, digital marketing & personal development.

From a very humble beginning to a successful entrepreneur, he has amassed a lot.

Their zeal and hardworking nature could lead a person on the path to success and that’s what Sathish is glorifying best through his Digital Marketing and Advertising Services.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is leaving an impact on people by encouraging, inspiring, and motivating them through his core values, and his efforts are commendable.

Thus, he proved to us that you can’t achieve big only by dreaming big, you have to execute small, hustle hard, and live big. So to catch up on more details on Digital Marketing and Advertising or even Mr. Shetty himself, click on the following links to enlighten yourself.

YouTube : JKInspiredDigital


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