VS Monu vlogs  – I Typically Work 24 Hours a Day Managing Different Roles (Travel Blogger, India)

His inner inspiration level was so high that scarcity of means never become hindrance in the path of his success. He started his journey with Motorola Mobile, and gradually it change into Scam, Oppo-8 9 Pro, and eventually, he is now able to keep iPhone and now he is making videos with it. When he was asked who and what was the inspiration for being a blogger. He gave credit to other Youtuber who makes video on genuine content.

He is too indulged in this creativity that he is living in the world of blogging. Whenever he travel in the train, his followers, subscribers admired him. They just show love and affection with them, and this response is the real gift or salary for Blogger Monu. He just wanted by their follower that they must retain their good response and love with him. Monu blogger is little bit annoyed with new concept of short videos, because these short videos are becoming messy. And a content creator couldn’t show his whole and solo talent or creativity.  His next planning is to travel into the longest train”Vivek express”.whose journey is 72 hours. Another hand he has completed journey in 3rd longest train Himsagar express.

He wanted to show his viewers the journey of the longest train. According to him, those content which is pure, genuine, fresh and original run on YouTube successfully. And he tried his best to be original and specific. So that while watching his video on should correlated himself with the Monu blogger, genuine and fresh content is the super Key of any YouTuber success. Subsequently while doing journey in general bogger he start making videos of common people, activities, thus those videos and response inspired him to make more and more videos on train. Nowadays he makes videos related to pantry car, facilities provided in train, prices of water and other vendor items.

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