White Magic Music wants to be known for putting out quality music that people love

Nothing could be more valuable than new singers coming out with their music for that is what shapes the music industry in a more creative way. White Magic Music Label which has been started by Jaspal Singh aka JS Atwal is supposed to bring revolution to the music industry by providing newcomers a platform to showcase their talent. JS Atwal has been in the industry for a while and has made a name for himself with songs like “Ha Ke Na”,” Sharabi Teri Tor” and “Legends Never Die”.

JS Atwal’s recent song “Legends Never Die”, was a tribute to late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, who was assassinated in May. JS Atwal told us that it is a devastating loss to the Punjabi music industry that we will never recover from. Atwal has a large fanbase and is very passionate about his music. We talked to JS Atwal about his recent songs and his record label “White Magic Music” and what makes this record label special. 

JS Atwal didn’t just start “White Magic Music” to create another music label, but to make it a leading one in the industry. It’s a mission for him. Mr. Atwal stated, “I understand how much younger singers crave opportunities. They don’t get a proper platform to showcase their talent and that’s why I want to give them a stage, a chance to make it big in the industry because, at one point, I was also in their shoes.”

JS Atwal’s journey to success in the music industry is an inspiring one. Coming from a humble background, he has worked hard to achieve his goals. His dedication and commitment to his dreams have made it possible for him to achieve success. His songs have amassed millions of views online and his music label “White Magic Music” will ensure that newcomers will also achieve similar success in the music industry.

White Magic Music Label is a California-based music label that is backed by a team of skilled and experienced professionals in both the creative and business aspects of the music industry. With JS Atwal and CFO Sonu Chaudhary at the helm, newcomers can be confident that their songs will reach a wide audience. Recently White Magic Music has delivered back-to-back hit songs such as “Legends Never Die”, “Ha Ke Na” and “Chitta by Azal ft Supernova”. We have seen White Magic Music is giving opportunities to underrated talents like Azal who with his latest song “Chitta” is ruling the hearts of audience.

Atwal said that he is also working on his upcoming songs, which will be released in the near future.

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