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A mother’s love can move mountains – The story of a mother who is changing the landscape of fashion for little children!

The best thing to happen to a child after birth is the love of a mother. It’s what will hold the child together and make the child feel safe in this world. Kids are likely to have a mother’s face in their hearts no matter how old they get – like a memory of love for them for as long as they live.

When Ruchi Marodia started making clothes for her children, she was driven by the idea of creating clothes that were an expression of the love she felt for her children. She wanted to create a world where children were surrounded by beautiful and comfortable clothes, each with a little story attached. A world where mothers could share their love and creativity through these clothes, a world where all kids could express their imagination and self-awareness, a world where all children became the best versions of themselves.

There is a reason why Little Luxury is getting so popular with mothers and children all over the country – their clothes are light, chic, luxurious, and most importantly super comfortable. But what has been the vision and thought behind this?

The founder of Little Luxury, Ruchi Marodia has always believed that there is no better person than a mother who knows what to mix, match and layer to keep her children warm as they play, grow and learn. A mother understands the day-to-day issues of comfort and safety, so she designs clothes that are made to last, yet are easy to remove when their child has grown. And finally, a mother has this innate sense of instinct when it comes to the color, luxury, and form of her children’s clothes.

The idea of Little Luxury took shape when Ruchi noticed the challenges in finding stylish, good-quality clothes for her children. That sparked off her search for stylish, good-quality clothes for children, and as a mother, she felt despondent about the choices of clothing that were available for her children in the market. And this made her determined to find a solution.

Combining all these traits of a mother’s love and aided by a degree in fashion from NIFT, Ruchi Marodia’s brand “Little Luxury” took shape and form and touched the hearts of all the mothers and children who continue to trust in them!

Ruchi also believes that this is why Little luxury has manifested itself through a brand in its physical form – because its goal is to create clothes focused on the expression of a mother and her child, who are of the same soul and have their unique personalities. With its range of designs and collections, Little Luxury hopes to preserve the innocence of the love between a mother and a child and provide each child with a future that allows them to grow and blossom into their person, just like a mother wants.

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