Ali Najafi Jozani: The ace Entrepreneur and Maverick Photographer from Tehran

“It is for us to get associated with our dreams wholeheartedly, and if we are able to do that success is just momentary. All that stands between you and success is your will to work towards your dreams with dedication. Everything is achievable if your efforts are sincere.” shares Entrepreneur and pro photographer Ali Najafi Jozani.

Ace Entrepreneur Ali Najafi Jozani is presently at the bottleneck of his career and a source of inspiration for all the young talent who wish to build a career in photography. Having no one in the photography field to guide him, He has achieved all this through his will, determination and ever learning attitude. He always dwelled into fantasies and he somehow managed to bring his imaginations into reality through his exceptional art of photography and Videography. Unlike other freelance photographers and videographers Entrepreneur Ali Najafi Jozani has made it big in the area of his interest.

Resident of Tehran, Iran; Ali Najafi Jozani majored in photography and thereafter participated in a bachelor’s degree. He has an amazing 8 years of experience in photography, filmmaking, and directing. Presently he has a lot on his plate, preparing teasers for large and small portraits for beauty photography companies.

Through his amazing Direction skills, Entrepreneur Ali Najafi Jozani is able to give a magical undertone to his videos. He specialises in cinematography and has shared a lot of visually appealing videos on his Instagram. “Cinematography is an art that directly touches the heart and mind of the viewer and hence Photography, Direction and Filmmaking are one of the most expressive arts in the world. To be able to contribute in such arts fills me with gratitude and thankfulness towards Allah” shares Entrepreneur Ali Najafi Jozani.

Interestingly apart from being Whizz Director and videographer, with absolutely amazing photography skills as well as ace editing skills Entrepreneur Ali Najafi Jozani has also been the most sought after portfolio photographer of Iran. “Photography is done in the mind before it is done practically. It can be done by anyone but visually appealing photos are rare to capture” shares Entrepreneur Ali Najafi Jozani.

Ace Entrepreneur Ali Najafi Jozani believes that success comes at the cost of your sleep and comfort. For all the young Photographers and filmmakers his message is that “Photography and Videography is a field that only respects excellence, if you are good at what you do then no matter how novice you are, you will be welcomed with open arms. So when you study it, give your heart and mind to it and study nicely. This way your success will be just a matter of time”.

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