Automotive Innovations and Artificial Intelligence are the big trends we forsee in Automation sector

A-TECH is a Taiwan based company, founded in 1995 and co-established by senior researchers from the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI).  Their experienced staffs have taken part in many automated projects over the years regarding machine control, electronic and optical system, LCD and PCB laser repair, and semiconductor related tasks. Mechanical, Electrical, Optical, Control, and Systems integration are the company’s core value to meet our customers’ needs, and they focus on technology, service, and state of the art technic for the quality. They are diligent in innovation technique to create highest value and profitability for their clients, here is an interview with Ms Kate Chien of A-Tech.

What specialized products does A-Tech System Co Ltd. offer?

The main services that we concentrate on are TFT-LCD and PCB laser repair solution. 

Automation and robotics is the future. What are your views on this?

Automation and robotics will surely be in demand in the future and from a long-term perspective, it will help to decrease production costs, and make standard for quality control.

What are the three big trends you forsee in the automation?

The three big trends we foresee for the automation sector are Automotive Innovations, use of Artificial Intelligence and Remote service / on-line service.

Why is India a lucrative market for A-Tech System Co Ltd.?

India is a lucrative market because of the potential, Global supply chain change from China to India and with local economic growth needs. 

Which are the sectors in India that you see potential demand for your offering?

In India the potential sectors would be in TFT-LCD laser repair system and Laser marking system.

What is the potential business you expect to garner in India?

We want to build our business in the Laser application related projects and machines

How does A-Tech System Co Ltd. stand out against the domestic manufacturers of magnet in India?

We have a better understanding of the sector and have team of more experienced engineers and offer good quality products.

How many countries outside Taiwan have you created your presence?

We are present in Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

What was the strategic focus to partner with TPC?

TPC helps A-Tech to get sales channels and make A-Tech aware to India market ecosystem.

Do you have any presence in India? What are the business plans in India for the next 5 years?

We don’t have an agent or representative in India. We will seek possibility to build up sales channel in India.

How do you plan to expand your business in India?

We plan to take part in activities such on-line exhibition, TAITRA events and other industry events to promote our services and products.

What are the key challenges you face in the Indian market?

The key challenge for us is marketing research and finding the best business partner or company who would be the right fit to lead A-Tech to its customers. 

Post Covid how has the sector fared and what are your key strategic plans?

We had to deal with critical issues like lack of material, costs rise and longer lead time, but we have been closely coordinating with our suppliers and rescheduled our production plans to reduce our gap to customer’s demand.

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