City Boy emphasises on the role of Communication in driving Change

Sankalp Pradeep Shukla is a budding communication professional having worked with brands like Raymond, Siemens, Times of India and other major brands, who uses communication as a tool for effective storytelling. Storytelling will define brand’s sentiment with the audience- Sankalp Pradeep Shukla.

What is your personal mission statement?

My personal mission statement is to inspire and transform all facets of life by connecting, collaborating, creating, and amplifying meaningful and beautiful conversations by focusing on the power of communication and making this world a better place to live in. I want to use the tool of communication using the medium of storytelling for generations to come, inspiring them on how effective communication, when blended with the right medium is an experience that will enhance your journey of life. here do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

By 2026, my idea of starting a communication firm start-up would have witnessed a reality and I will be helping Fortune 500 brands in communicating their brand story. My authored books on the Role of Communication in branding and How to Mitigate Crisis would be referred to the course curriculum in top communication colleges in India. A national award in photography, brand films, and 5 more published Hindi poetry books would embellish my love for communication.  As a communication coach, I will be helping individuals and organizations through the power of communication.  I will be on Ted Talks sharing my journey on role of communication and will be visiting at least two IIM’S as a guest faculty for teaching communication.  

What role do you think storytelling will play in brand building?

Storytelling humanises you and your brand; it allows to connect with your audience in a more relatable manner. The paradigm shift from selling your product to sharing your brand’s journey and the how as a brand you are touching and impacting end users’ life enhances the value of storytelling. In my opinion, brands will have to go beyond traditional modes of storytelling like Adfilms, print ads, corporate films and embrace Artificial Intelligence and Technologies for making an impact in the future.

What has been your biggest achievement till date and how are you contributing to the communication industry?

My photography series on “Silence depicted through body language” won the Best Photography prize at the Rome International Movie Awards 2021; an IMDb listed festival celebrating films and photography from all across the world. The film festival accoladed various films from the USA, Sweden, Germany, UAE, Japan, UK, France but my work from India was the only project to have won in the photography category. My photography works have been exhibited in Louvre Museum Paris, London, Moscow, New York, Italy, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles and many galleries in India. I am a published author of more than two Hindi poetry books & State Level winner in Creative writing for my books. Getting interviewed by Indian Express, Punekar news, Maharashtra Herald, New York Glamour Magazine, Mid- Day and published in Hindustan Times, Zee news for my work is an achievement for me.

I am also contributing to the communication industry by training the next generation of communication leaders and employees on crisis communication. I have already trained 20,000 people in communication. I was a visiting faculty to Xavier Institute of Communication Mumbai, Indira School of Communication Pune, Don Bosco Mumbai and many colleges in India. 

What is the biggest challenge have you faced as a communication professional?

The biggest challenge which I faced in 12 years of my work experience as a communication professional was to inculcate the values in employees for demonstrating excellence as brand ambassadors. The importance of the right kind of communication for brand positioning, the role of communication in crisis situations, sensitization on media relations, internal branding, social media guidelines, adherence to the logo, brand guidelines &Corporate Communications Policy and bringing in the culture of One brand One voice were some of the other hurdles which I faced.

Who is your biggest support system of life?

I will have few names to talk about. My father is my biggest role model and the values I inherit from him are the biggest assets of my life. Even how hard I try it will be difficult to become like my father.

My mother for always believing in me and giving me the freedom to pursue my dreams.

My wife Mansi for always being there for me and influencing me with her painting.

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