Baqer Najah: The Maverick Entrepreneur and Musician based in Baghdad is all set to take the music industry on fire

There are millions of influencers out there who are desperate to make an impact in society. Everyone craves fame, be it a novice or a professional. The thing that people usually ignore is the capability to maintain that fame. Maverick Entrepreneur Baqer Najah Ghafil Hacham aka Baqer Najah is the kind of person who now only earned fame real quick but also possessed the talent to maintain that fame. Born on 16.01.1992 in Al-Mamoun – Karkh/Baghdad, Iraq; Baqer Najah is a genius Composer / Arranger. He is also an expert piano and guitar player.

He composed and distributed many musical projects for many popular and well-known singers such as the artist (Hatem Al-Iraqi), the artist (Salah Hassan), the artist (Bassem Al-Ali), the artist (Muhannad Mohsen), the artist (Muayyad Al-Asil), the artist (Qais Hisham) and the artist (Ali Jassim). Entrepreneur Baqer Najah started really small and has earned all this by his sheer determination and hardwork. He believes that apart from talent, the will to give you 200% for your dreams, the dedication to your work is what plays an integral role in deciding if you can achieve your goals or not. “Hard Work beats talent, if talent doesn’t work hard” says Entrepreneur Baqer Najah.

Entrepreneur Baqer Najah also took part in some of the most successful drama projects that were aired on popular TV channels, when he composed and distributed the soundtrack for the well-known series “Benj-Aam” and “Umm-Badila” series. Recently he has also given the soundtrack and songs for the series (Watan 2022). Baqer Najah has also composed soundtracks for TV channels such as Al Jazeera Documentary Channel along with others.

Some of Baqer Najah’s most popular and successful projects are –

A) Songs:

  • Hatem Al Iraqi – حبك الي وملكي
  • Ahmed Hassan – ارسمك
  • Salah Hassan – لو تدري
  • Bassem Al-Ali – هواية عالم
  • Muhannad Mohsen – لا تنتظرني بعد

B) Soundtracks:

  • Watermelon State TV show.
  • TV series – Benj-Aam (2nd Episode).
  • TV series – Umm Badila (on MBC Iraq) intro song 2021
  • Documentary music – Nothing is made in Iraq
  • The soundtrack for the Trip program on UTV
  • The soundtrack for the TV series (Watan 2022)

After achieving his dream life Baqer Najah focuses on his consistency and his true music skills. He conveys “Consistency is the key, never lose it. Everyone has different assets and is blessed with different skills, your work is to find those skills and assets and shift yourself from rags to riches.” He has more than 101k followers on his Instagram @baqer.najah_official where he constantly posts videos about his new songs and also shares snippets from his personal as well as private life.

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