Entrepreneur Ali Alavi also known as Ali Aran from Dubai is the next Big thing in the Rap / HipHop Music Industry

Ali Alavi also known as Ali Aran is an entrepreneur, Rapper, singer and songwriter. Born and brought up in Iran, this Maverick Entrepreneur is at the heights of success that any singer dreams about. Starting his career in the year 2007, he had seen major setbacks due to which he dropped from music industry for more than 2 years but he gathered himself up and furnished a major comeback in the year 2017. He has recently released his new track “Baba migoft ft Meshkat” which is making a lot of buzz out there already.

He had a tough childhood and never had anyone to count on in the whole music industry. It was Ali Aran himself who constantly worked towards his dream. Entrepreneur Ali Aran has a brilliant touch in music and simulation along with singing. He uploads his latest releases on the YouTube platform, Spotify, RadioJavan, and a number of other platforms and has been widely successful in the Persian/Iranian world.

Entrepreneur Ali Aran started his career by uploading his videos of rapping and singing on social media. Though he is blessed with pretty vocal cords, starting a career from zero is not every one’s cup of tea. Being a boy, raised up in the risky streets of Iran has not been a very soothing experience. It became his weakness and his strength too. He discovered the fire flaming inside him, some golden days, some stormy nights. He never stopped working and struggling to achieve his dream. When everybody was on the same boat, he dreamt of owning a ship. This was bits by bits he built his own empire through dedicated and constant hard work.

Fun fact about Ali Aran is, away from the mainstream perception of rappers he himself is a very disciplined man of character. He is a man who has seen hurdles. He knows about the struggles people face because of their unsuccessful lives. Entrepreneur Ali Aran revealed in his recent interview that he never believed in luck and destiny. Instead of believing such things he is fonder of working hard for things. According to him, being born with a silver spoon and doing good in life is not a big thing. But being born in rags and taking it to riches is a big thing.

Entrepreneur Ali Aran knew exactly what he wanted and turned his skills into a successful business. He believes a true entrepreneur can build millions by using his assets. No matter how small and giant those assets are. Like every successful entrepreneur he has also suffered some setbacks and when situations forced him to give up, he chose to hold on to his dreams. True success starts here. After achieving his dream life Ali Aran focuses on his consistency and his true music skills. He conveys “Consistency is the key, never lose it. Everyone has different assets and blessed with different skills your work is to find those skills and assets and shift yourself from rags to riches.”

If you wish to connect with him you can follow him on his Instagram at @ali_aran where he actively posts snippets from his upcoming music projects and shares memories from his personal life too.

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