Ramesh Gowani the business tycoon and his venture into power plants

Ramesh Gowani the owner of Kamala Mills in Mumbai has grabbed every opportunity in business to mark his territory. After having identified the potential in renewable energy, Ramesh Gowani set up multiple renewable energy plants in India. These power plants were set up decades ago which today produces renewable energy supplied to leading corporates and playing an active role in the climate action by the country.

A decade ago set up the MPPL Renewable Energy plant at Mallavali, Karnataka. The plant has a capacity of producing 4.5 MW of biomass power. Ramesh Gowani has also been the brainchild for Set up of Green Plant Energy Pvt Ltd in Punjab with an identification of the region as the powerhouse of biomass and agro waste warehouse. The project established the mammoth modular biomass power plants through a distributed energy scheme. The plant today produces 110 MW of electricity which is supplied to various institutions.

Ramesh Gowani during the set up the plants also ensured a zero waste policy. The heat from the Biogas engines is used to set up VAM cold storages for food processing and preservation. His various initiates have helped bring a considerable amount of positive impact on the society by generating employment, contributing towards a sustainable environment and much more. He is also the trustee of Ankibai Ghamandiran Gowani Trust which works for the betterment of the society through different programs and initiatives throughout the year.

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