Rest The Case collaborates with Aspire For Her to provide legal aid to women affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pune (Maharashtra), April 20th, 2022: The Coronavirus Pandemic has made us witness some truly gruelling and tough times together. A lot of families having lost their close and dear ones to the virus, caused quite a havoc, to say the least, and the major loss was for all those women out there who lost their husbands/primary earners due to the pandemic. To lessen the burden for these women, Rest The Case has collaborated with Aspire For Her to help all women in distress and those who have had to face the major blow of the virus. While financial difficulties stand to be a major concern for these women, many of them have also had to experience numerous legal issues. Rest The Case is providing aid to all those women by connecting them to the right lawyers within their proximity. Aspire For Her started the #NotAlone community last year to support all women who had lost primary breadwinners due to the pandemic and they have enabled most of the members to move towards financial independence. This is part of their vision to add more than 1 million women to the workforce in India by 2025 and unleashing a trillion dollar potential in the Indian economy. 

Speaking about this collaboration Shreya Sharma, CEO, Rest The Case said, “We regularly get to see how the law has transformed and developed through time and as a young country we change every day, however, sometimes the law can be scattered and mishandled. While we understand that we want to make an effort to try and help people who need the law to be on their side. With our collaboration with Aspire For Her our main aim is to make women in need aware that getting legal help gives you the much-needed power of information. We believe that one should get legal help not when all options are over, but when you want to know what options you do have”.

We are all aware of the laborious nature of the legal system in the country and in order to simplify this very process, Rest The Case along with Aspire For Her have come together to help women especially in all their legal matters. Aspire For Her also invited Rest The Case to conduct a session on educating women on importance of seeking the right legal help. Very often people tend to stay away from seeking any sort of legal aid as there’s always the fear of either having to pay a hefty amount, the tiresome process of searching the right lawyer or not getting the right lawyer for the work needed, and eventually having to wait for a long time until the case is solved. The session educated women on the importance of seeking legal help at the right and also busted myths surrounding law and legal services in India.

“Rest The Case has been a blessing for several of our members of the #NotAlone community. Navigating through the legal issues after the tragic demise of their spouses or primary breadwinners would have been a daunting task if not for their referrals of locally based lawyers to guide and advise them. We hope that through this collaboration many more women will be able to access their rights and get legal justice where needed”, said Madhura DasGupta Sinha, Founder & CEO, Aspire For Her.

All in all, Rest The Case and Aspire For Her are doing work that cannot go unnoticed. The pandemic was truly a testing time for many, and now as people are taking steps to get back to a routine, it is essential that legal processes and services are easily accessible to all those in need.

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