VOSMOS to Showcase India’s Technological Innovation at Event Tech Live, Las Vegas

New Delhi, 18th April, 2024: VOSMOS, a division of Kestone Integrated Marketing Services and promoted by CL Educate offering virtual experience solutions, is proud to announce its participation at Event Tech Live (ETL) in Las Vegas. This marks a significant moment as VOSMOS represents India’s booming tech ecosystem in the international diaspora.

At the exhibition, VOSMOS will be presenting cutting-edge features such as AI-powered event management platform, real-time polling, interactive feedback tools, and demonstrations of ChatGPT and personalized attendee engagement solutions, showcasing its capabilities in revolutionizing the event tech landscape.

“This opportunity at Event Tech Live holds immense significance for VOSMOS as it provides a global platform to showcase our innovative solutions to a diverse audience of event professionals. It also highlights India’s growing prominence in the global tech landscape, reinforcing our country’s reputation as a hub for technological innovation and a robust startup ecosystem,” said Piyush Gupta, CEO of VOSMOS. “

VOSMOS has prepared for this international platform by focusing on highlighting technological advancements, industry expertise, and a commitment to innovation. Our strategy involves showcasing products through live demos, engagement activities, and contests for the attendees followed by feedback taking,” added Meenakshi M., Director of Communications & Storytelling at VOSMOS.

VOSMOS anticipates several benefits from exposure to the latest innovations and trends at ETL, including gaining insights into emerging technologies, market trends, and industry best practices. This exposure will enable them to stay ahead of the curve, innovate proactively, and deliver even more impactful solutions to clients worldwide.


VOSMOS, a division of Kestone Integrated Marketing Services and promoted by CL Educate, specializes in crafting customizable, scalable, and accessible virtual experiences. Established in 2020 during the pandemic and solidified in 2021, VOSMOS empowers clients to achieve sustainable business growth by bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, ensuring global accessibility 24/7.

VOSMOS revolutionizes consumer experiences within the metaverse virtual reality through its Metacommerce world, offering a virtual business address that connects brands to customers and people to experiences. Its Virtual Events category features webinars, live streaming, virtual events and hybrid events. They combine virtual elements with on-ground experiences, offering scalability, an AI-driven bot named Virsa, two-way video conferencing, virtual photo booths, and accessibility for differently-abled individuals.

In the Metaverse category, VOSMOS transforms commerce by enhancing consumer experiences across various sectors such as education, tourism, retail, banking, and government services. Notable features include 100% customization of metaverse virtual spaces, continuous product promotion, a pay-and-use model, and integration of payment gateways for D2C brands, alongside Virsa, an AI-driven bot offering assistance.

Within Technology Services, VOSMOS offers tailor-made virtual experiences, enabling brand expansion with customized solutions. With an award-winning technology team and experienced data science and analytics personnel, VOSMOS ensures comprehensive and unique virtual solutions tailored to each brand’s specific needs, shaping the future of online interaction.

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