Rohan Sahu, presents forth an advanced version of the fullest life.


Life has limitless opportunities to offer. It is you who should learn how to get hold over the doors of these opportunities. It is same for all. It is different for none. Those who strive, success will be perceived.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rohan Sahu is the director and owner of Solution Mediatech, a media company with all in one solution for different internet participles. With a degree in B.Tech in Computer Engineering, Rohan Sahu is a natural as a sales executive in his startup. With his extrovert being and the ease to handle and maintain the networks, he relentlessly forgoes the obstacles of communication.

With the urge to try new things, Rohan’s approach to life is something to be looked upon. Learning something new every day from every interaction he holds, he introduces himself to new ideas and techniques for excelling in his endeavors.

With his family’s support and his father as his idol, Rohan Sahu envisions a dream of building a huge hospital with multi-specialty facilities. He aims to make his existence worth the while. Having a clear vision and putting all in, in one’s work is what Rohan Sahu thinks will lead one to accomplish life.

One defines his/ her presence of mind with the calmness and patience that rule the mind at times of stress. Having a focused discipline life with all the hard work one can put in, is what will lead one to one’s goal. Rohan Sahu also believes that emotions can be one’s weakness but how one uses one’s weakness as his weapon of strength is what will matter at the end of the day.

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