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The Mockingjay Awards 2023 by NEED Global Foundation

Kochi, (Kerala) [India]:  Diversity is the vibrant tapestry that weaves together the rich cultural heritage of Kerala’s ecosystem, fostering innovation, creativity, and inclusive growth. Embracing diversity not only enriches our community but also fuels a dynamic environment where different perspectives converge to drive progress and prosperity.

Mockingjay Awards 2023, the famed diversity initiative by NEED Global Foundation headquartered in Kochi celebrated the success of 20 exceptional women from different sectors of the ecosystem in Kerala at the Crowne Plaza, Kochi.

The event was inaugurated by Minister of Parliament, Mr. Hibi Eden, Minister, COO of Kerala Startup Mission Mr. Tom Thomas, Ms. Radhamani, Founder of A 2 Z Driving School, Mr. Sajeev Nair, Chairman of Bramma Solutions and Mr. Rahul Easwar, Media Personality.

Dr. M.K. Muneer MLA, Dr. Kiran Bedi, and Mr. Balakrishnan Director Geojit sent their wishes and support and became a part of the event digitally.

Mr. Hibi Eden, the young MP from Kerala spoke on the importance and relevance of diversity in Kerala which can have a positive impact on the growth of professional businesses and the start-up ecosystem.  He emphasized that initiatives like NEED have to come forward to help all diversified segments of society like women, LGBT, and differently-abled so that we can grow together as a society. 

During the event, the Founder Ms. Anooja Bashir’s first book was released. The book, ‘The World is a Brand’ is an insight into the world of branding.

NEED is an initiative that was born out of this problem and is an endeavour spearheaded by Ms. Anooja Bashir, a serial entrepreneur, Start-up Mentor, Co-Founder & CMO of FlexiCloud, Founder & CEO of Ourea, a DEI Evangelist. The initiative attempts to foster, enrich, and enable the diverse sector. Our programs are specifically designed to uplift various groups, including Women, LGBT, and differently-abled individuals through networking events, mentorship, and training sessions. Additionally, we assist in securing employment opportunities as well as aiding in the expansion of entrepreneurial ventures and highly aim to restore health for a better world to a diversified community.

The Mockingjay Award is a prestigious recognition that celebrates and honors exceptional women who have broken barriers, defied norms, and made remarkable contributions in various sectors. Inspired by the Mockingjay’s courage and resilience in the face of adversity, this award symbolizes empowerment, diversity, and the spirit of overcoming challenges. By highlighting these women’s achievements, the Mockingjay Award aims to inspire, uplift, and create a platform for their stories to be heard, celebrated, and shared, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.

The event had diversified panels that talked about the relevance of diversity in different spheres of the Kerala ecosystem. The four-panel discussions were inclusive of various segments of the ecosystem consisting of eminent speakers like Parveen Hafeez, Roopa George, Priya A.S., Dr. P. A. Mary Anitha, Anooja Bashir, Sajeev Nair, Annie Sunil, Sabeena S., Jacob Joy, Dr. Nirmala Lilly, Mittu Tigi, Arun Nair, Bincy Baby, Sumayya Thayath, Rahul Easwar, Dr. Sangeetha Janachandran, Dr. Arya Menon, Poojitha Menon, Neethu.

Various organizations and corporates were part of the initiative such as FlexiCloud, Ourea, Crowne Plaza, Kochi, Geojit, Mentorow, QWATT, Grand Entrée, Trip Mocha, Lawyer’s Arcade, V Guide, V Gold and Diamond, Skybertech, John Wick Shirts, Tog Décor, Femine Glow, Darc Fitness, Yo Media, Cosmos Sports, Cast & Co Entertainment, Fabus Frames, Pacha, God’s Grace Events, EatnTunes, RCM Wellness, Sensita, Sensotica,, Haeal Life, Sugar Boo Curls, Dhanam, Cremberie, Premagic, Pokket CFO, The Party Store, Kochi, Evion, Blue Skies, Kootukaran Logistics,  Jakobi Chocolatier, Enliven Soundarya, 20 Bake House, Snackaholic

The 20 award winners of Mockingjay Awards’23 were selected by a group of juries and 17 special awards were designated for eminent ladies for their exceptional achievements in their business segment were recognized in the event.

Mockingjay Awards ’23 gained popularity from its inception. 15 Campus Ambassadors and 100 plus interns from different education institutions became part of the significant Mockingjay Awards ’23.

The invite-only event focussed on encouraging and empowering the ladies from 20 sectors of Kerala and was honored by the presence of eminent leaders.

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