Vaishnavi surges ahead in Asian Games Trials

Hyderabad, August  16th 2021: Vaishnavi Veeravsmsham who just won the Silver at the under 15 surges ahead in the Olympic Class Laser Radial class with 5 wins out of 6 races.

Vaishnavi of the Yacht Club of Hyderabad chose to participate in the Olympic Class with the hope of qualifying for the Asian Games in 2022.

In the absence of Olympian Nethra Kumanan who missed the championship and trials  as she had to visit the Prime Minister at a function , Vaishnavi at just 15 years cashed in and is heading for a convincing gold medal.

She will however need to sail with Nethra in the next set of trials and that looks like a tough act to follow given her lack of experience in the Laser class as this is her first championship.

“Vaishnavi May get two medals in two different classes and I cannot me more proud of her efforts”, said her coach Suheim Sheikh.

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