Journey of a Famous Entrepreneur Christian Phyfier’s Scrybe

Music is one of the strongest industries in the market. Early on, if someone had the taste for creating music, they must propel it by proving that they were best, tight rhymes, catchy hooks, or soulful vocals on the corner. If you were a producer, you needed to hold a degree in some music arts and move forward accordingly. But the world has been transforming. With the advent of so many musical platforms on the internet, one can use it as an opportunity. The young and creative can now simply show their talents through their social channels and get recognition for their creations from any corner of the world. Likewise, music and creative artists are easily accessible nowadays.

Although independent musicians now have plenty of platforms to choose from, they are now set back in earning good revenue. Moreover, music artists need top streaming numbers residually, just to earn minimum wage. To ease the problems of these talents, some extraordinary personalities like Christian Phyfier is one such entrepreneur who has not only worked hard to establish himself, but has even thought of how to make all creative artists stand alone in the world of music and generate more earnings as well. Entrepreneur Christian Phyfier is the Founder and CEO of the Scrybe Music Streaming App. Scrybe Streaming is one of the latest music and content platforms which has been developed to assist creative artists in their growth and development.

Born in 1988 in Oahu, Hawaii, Christian Honore-Phyfier is the multi-talented serial entrepreneur. He attended ASU, but notably dropped out in his fourth year to pursue entrepreneurship, unwittingly using money saved for college and student aid as startup capital. Phyfier was one of the youngest talent agents of his time when he initially got his business license to run a Talent Agency. Being much younger than his competition was a drawback in this field, as he had no industry relationships and had to compete with the more experienced agencies. So he looked for something where he could, himself, be more valuable. He studied Business Marketing and learned advertising and read books on psychology and ways to influence people. Thus he created a different type of agency. Still with very little resources he struggled to reach major talent, but instead began tapping into the independent entertainment market. His passion to do and his no fear of falling attitude helped him to grow the agency to having over 350 clients worldwide. He partnered with some of the most talented photographers and cinematographers such as Westeal Photography and began offering clients content based deals to work with the agency, not only representing their talent, but simultaneously building and guiding their portfolios and careers.   He founded GPME Group, a Talent Marketing Agency and later a studio, GPME Studios, with his partners Martin Owens, Andrew Nullmeyer and Sean Harper, of which two are still involved in Scrybe.  In pursuit of changing the music industry as a whole, after 12 years as an agent and 6 years running the Agency, Christian stepped down from GPME Group (now Resist Entertainment Group) which is now overseen by Etienne Walden. He currently takes on 3-4 clients a year personally, while the Resist team manages the bulk of applicants.

Christian Phyfier is someone who has full focus in his life. He likes to explore and has many creative ideas going on in his mind. He noticed that with independent artists and labels, an artist’s music is licensed on music streaming applications and they are paid per stream of their songs which restricts the artists value. Thinking of a solution to these issues, he and his All Star team of developers launched a new streaming company onto the App Store. From recording studios to marketing and prepaid legal services, Scrybe Streaming is another venture that gives freedom back to independent artists. Prior to its launch, he spent 4 years building its concept, and launched it in June 2021. This platform has already given many artists the ability to achieve over 100 times the revenue they could generate over other streaming platforms.

Scrybe’s business model is called a Creator Controlled Streaming Application (CCSA), which means that fans can directly subscribe to the artist’s content instead of the platform. The artists and labels have the control over their songs and albums cost, allowing fans to choose their favorite artists for whom they would like to spend their money. With Scrybe, the average artist earns a dollar per every 5 subscriptions, while with other platforms, such as Spotify, artists need more than 350 streams to earn the same amount, which restricts the artist’s instant earning capacity. Another advantage is the average fan pays only 4$ a month with Scrybe, in comparison to 15$.

There are nearly 1.5 million recording artists in the world who can sustain life and grow rapidly with the highest paying music and podcast streaming App, Scrybe. Artists can upload their music for free at myscrybe.com or can visit scrybestreaming.com to simply learn more. This business model found in Scrybe is set to be the future of all content streaming since it has already captured the attention of a large group of musicians.

Christian believes in doing things out of the box, and yes, he has done it for himself and for the creative artists. It’s stated that through all of his achievements, from awards from the Mayor of Phoenix and many others, Scrybe Streaming does the most for the world of entertainment. Due to his work for the public, he has gained much love and appreciation. Currently boasting about 40.7K followers on Instagram @christianphyfier.

Follow him in Instagram at https://instagram.com/christianphyfier/

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