Mohammad Alkhateeb: Lives in paradise or search for such places?

Travelling around the world is a dream for many people. Some people like Mohammad Alkhateeb are lucky enough to be able to live this dream life. Travelling to different countries and learning about their culture is something Mohammad is fond of. Mohammad is a family man, grounded, energetic and always excited to explore different countries, their culture, and food. Founder of “3inDubai”, Maverick Entrepreneur Mohammad Alkhateeb says “I earn money to keep my family happy, travel from place to place, all for living life to the fullest”.

Entrepreneur Mohammad Alkhateeb told us that his business 3inDubai is all about reviewing restaurants, hotels and venues. It has a verified Instagram page by the name @3indubai which has around 69k followers. On this page, he actively posts reviews about the famous as well as small restaurants in Dubai. If there is taste in any restaurant, Mohammad Alkhateeb makes sure that it is made known to the local people of Dubai as well as to the tourists.

Turning your Likings into earnings is such a Flex, Entrepreneur Mohammad Alkhateeb being an ace Content creator, traveler, food blogger and influencer, sets an example among youngsters and teenagers about turning their passion into a legitimate source of earning. He believes that being an influencer is a work of responsibilities but doing it in a fun way makes it a lot easier. Who would have thought that exploring restaurants and presenting them on social media could bring the community of foodies together. “Food language is a love language,” says Entrepreneur Mohammad Alkhateeb.

On being asked how did he manage to gain so much popularity at such a young age Entrepreneur Mohammad Alkhateeb told us that- ” My intention is to provide entertainment content on social networking sites, to entertain people, I don’t do anything to gain popularity, rather I try to improve my content and as a result, I am loved by the people. I don’t have static content on the platforms and I offer everything that serves people and their benefits. I love dealing with people and I build good relations with everyone through mutual respect.”

Entrepreneur Mohammad Alkhateeb has an Instagram account @its_Mohd_khateeb with over 869k+ followers where he posts about his lifestyle, about the places he visits and his happy moments. He spreads positivity by showing how beautiful one’s life could be if he or she works hard to achieve it. “Not just spending, but one should have enough wisdom regarding earning money,” says Mohammad Alkhateeb.

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