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Tribals celebrate Diwali along with Endress+Hauser India

Shrivardhan, Maharashtra: To help stem the tide of COVID-19 in this most critical, fragile and burdened community, Endress+Hauser India’s MD, Kailash Desai celebrated Diwali with tribal cast villages in Shrivardhan, Maharashtra. He distributed sweets and clothes to the needy.

“We have been fighting with the invisible enemy for almost a year now months now and Maharashtra has seen a spurt of cases on a daily basis. There is such rising concern about the easy spread of the virus to people in other parts of India as well. I am sure the distribution of sweets and clothes would have cheered the villagers and given them hope to fight the deadly virus. We as a corporate will stand with them in fighting the virus.” said Kailash Desai, MD, Endress+Hauser India.  

Since the pandemic outbreak Endress+Hauser India team has been educating and training employees to fight carona. The training has been about proper hand hygiene, cough etiquette and social distancing techniques. The newly formed in-house expert team is constantly understanding the trends and following WHO guidelines and have developed newer work practice and engineering controls. Additional protection has been provided to the customers and employers, such as; clear plastic sneeze barriers, ventilation, and the proper selection, use and disposal of personal protective equipment.

The most important part of pandemic preparedness is to work with the employees, local and municipal corporation’s and to develop co-operative pandemic plans to maintain the operations and keep the employees and the public safe. We are adhering to government guidelines and are also open to ideas from our customers and employers. There are Watsapp groups which will help contact tracing of the employees, their families and relatives in all Metro cities,Maharashtra & Aurangabad.

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